Monday, 30 April 2007

Swimwear Etiquette

Where is it okay to be semi-naked?
This is speedo ettiquette 1.01, funny (45seconds : work safe)

BSB & the weekend

I said I'd get to bed early - but that was meant to be pre-midnight... oh well.
Here are some images (above) from Sunday afternoon at the bakery. Great time as usual, then 'The Lives of Others' at the movies - a German film certainly worth a look, powerful and moving. Thanks guys for a great afternoon / evening. Bed is calling - and really loudly - so I'm off. The week begins again! I need to be awake for it.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Man Date

Why do straight men have so much trouble spending time together?

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald ‘Good Weekend’ explores 'The Man Date', based on the New York Times article from earlier this month. (click here for the full NYT article) It seems that 90% of the sober male population has difficulty socialising amongst themselves if it doesn’t involve some kind of business or sport. Going one-on-one with a man for a meal, a walk in the park, to see some art or cinema is fraught with stress.

The concern about being perceived as gay is one of the major complications of socializing one on one, many straight men acknowledge.

Women can do it together without a second thought, and gay guys do it all the time, in fact gay men can ‘man date’ with men AND with women, interacting one on one about things that matter, or things that don’t – just spending time together. And that’s where the straight men lose out again – any date they have with a woman almost always has more than just friendship in mind (ask any woman – that’s why gay men are so popular with women), and their dates with men seem just too riddled with restrictions and embarrassments.

Cooking for a friend at home violates the man date comfort zone for almost everyone, with a possible exemption for grilling or deep-frying. "The grilling thing would take away the majority of the stigma because there is a masculine overtone to the grill," Mr. Discher said.

It’s scary. Another reason that I’m glad I’m gay!

I personally find the interaction I have one on one with my male and female friends some of the most rewarding times I can spend, and I very much look forward to them. I guess I don’t have to worry about people thinking that I’m gay, nor that I’m trying to seduce the women. It engenders a relaxed and more open environment in which anything can and will be discussed, barriers broken, taboos challenged...

Maybe we should all invite a straight male friend for a one on one dinner and introduce them to a whole other world…

always - ad

I don't have shares in the company, I don't drink the stuff, and I even recommend that my patients don't drink it, but some of the ads are priceless, as is this oldie but fave from way back. Catchy too - you'll have the tune going through your head all day. It's a graphic design thing this one, so no cute men to be seen I'm afraid.

Strange Sightings No.1

After my regular morning swim at the uni pool today I was getting changed when two twentysomething guys walked into the change room - it looked like they'd been doing some kind of exercise, but not swimming. They undressed down to their underwear, then promptly stepped into the open shower, and showered WITH their underwear on. And it stayed on, when I left they were still wearing their wet and sagging underwear as they dried off...

I thought that was only something for underwear ads, mind you one of them was cute, but still, it's just wrong.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Superchilled Race Around the World - Location 8

You've all been waiting for it - now here it is - Leg 8 of Superchilled Race Around the World. Can you identify where this picture is taken? As previously, prizes are awarded to the person who gets the answer right first and the most creative answer in by the time I'm ready to make a decision. Fittingly for a Friday it's a Hotel - but who will be able to meet there for drinks after work?

Rules of Attraction

In one of my opening posts, with a pic of Brad Pitt as my example, I pondered the cult of celebrity, and being 'cool'. Today I'm throwing Angelina into the mix, more specifically in her role as Lara Croft - Tomb Raider, because she is quite consistently one of the characters that many gay men find incredibly sexy - in a way they frequently don't with most women. Now I know not everyone will agree with this, but sitting here in my no. 6 on the Kinsey Scale, I know there is truth in it. It might be her masculinity (interestingly coupled with quite some femininity), the fact that she's playing a typically male role (and some will find triggers to memories of Raiders of the Lost Ark...) or maybe she's just universally sexy. Perhaps its just the accent she does for the role, I do love accents... Maybe the straight or not-so-gay men and women reading this might like to shed some light on the matter. I also personally find Cameron Diaz quite sexy in a similar way - but I'm not quite sure how I can explain it - I'm certainly not falling off the gay wagon, but if either of them were in the next wagon passing by - I know I'd be tempted...

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Location 7 - the winners

This leg of the race has been won by a new entrant, Anonymous Neil, who correctly identified Kitzilano Pool in Vancouver from my photograph. Peter von Amsterdam sent in the picture below from his helicopter vantage point. It shows more clearly why it is one of my favourite pools, the 137.5m length creates difficulty calculating how far you've swum, but is quite unique, (they do have markers every 25m on the floor of the pool to let you know where you're at).
Geoff d'Vancouver also correctly identified the other reason for its popularity - THE MEN - abounding in and around it. In my photo, which was a merging of a few individual photos, you get to see one cute man twice - from the front and back as he walked from one end to the other during my photographing. (or was that the reason for the multiple photos..? hmm)
To maintain diplomatic ties, Geoff d'Vancouver gets the prize for, um living in Vancouver, and Peter von Amsterdam the research grant.

Sponsors for actual real prizes for superchilled race around the world are more than welcomed. Location 8: coming soon...

Jam Packed

There’s a little old Toyota Corolla hatch in our garage, jam packed so full of stuff that if you open a door things will literally pop out at you. I used all my Tetris skills and a little magic to load a life time of possessions into it, and even managed to create a kind of safety cage to prevent cargo from decapitating the driver in an emergency stop. It belongs to my good friend Lynnette, who tomorrow heads south to Tasmania to start anew. A few years ago when we first met – I would never have thought I would see this day.

I met Lynnette through her husband, the cute runner who I met at the uni pool (as you do). I didn’t know she existed until at least a month or so of meeting her hubby, when she came with him to breakfast at my regular Friday breakfast cafĂ© near the beach. She was loud, opinionated, hated living in Australia (she was from the States), hated the beach and I was the first gay guy she had knowingly met. She was homophobic, somewhat religious, and one of the few people on the planet who really annoyed me (Craig will tell you a story about that…). She was an American other Americans cringed about, and Australians rolled their eyes about. But she didn’t go away. (Some times I wished she would). We did things together with them both, she came to gym and the pool, she became a breakfast regular on Fridays. We all went away on skiing weekends, and embarked on various adventures together.

As much as she annoyed me, she also challenged me. She made me analyse my reactions to things, my reasons for my decisions that I had made, and I guess as she challenged me, I also challenged her. Where other people would have given up and walked away – she persevered to find the root of any problem, and then analysed it and sorted it, regardless of barriers that may have been crossed or issues that may have arisen from it. Over time we both changed. We have become close and discuss all manner of topics very openly, and regularly. She has become my gym buddy of sorts, though she still avoids swimming almost as much as I avoid running. As a journalist she has now written articles supporting gay relationships, she has started to enjoy Australia, begun to enjoy the beach (although she is still a mountain girl), parted ways with her husband, won journalism awards, and become friends with more of my friends – gay and otherwise – as I have come to know more of hers. her blog is listed in my 'blogs to watch' - Along the way - I don’t see her husband much any more, I guess neither does she, but of the things that you can predict in life, that Lynnette would be the one staying here with us as she prepares to move on to a new part of her life, was not one of them.

She has become a friend where I was not expecting a friend, a close friend who will be missed.

I just hope she makes it to Tasmania without any car doors popping open.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Rainy Days

The rain has set in, in the land of the sun. We pray for rain one day - curse it the next. Our dams are emptying - yet the rain falls well away from them - and in bucket loads. Here's a pic from my balcony just minutes ago - a little rain explosion.

My favourite rainy day thing is to go swimming. I remember lazy summer days as a kid on school holidays we'd go camping on the Myall Lakes about 3 hours north of Sydney (although in those days it was more like 6 hours). I loved when it rained. We'd race out into warm lake and sit on or in whatever we had that floated, the rain pouring and reducing the waves on the lake to an enforced calm. Siblings and cousins all out in the water playing and splashing about. There was a silence that came with the rain - the lake would be empty of boats and water skiers, the water glassy, just the noise of us in our own world. Sometimes I'd go windsurfing on these days - it felt like you were the only one on the planet, gliding silently through the water...

And now I'm off for swim training.
I hope it pours.

What's YOUR favourite rainy day thing?

Who's a Barbie Guy?

It's an ad for condoms - (safe to watch at work) - made me laugh...

Monday, 23 April 2007

Race Around the World - Location 7

The Race is on. Being the avid swimmer I have a collection of favourite pools around the world. Here is one of them. Do you know where it is? (click on it for the larger view) There's also a kind of illusion in the image too - a nice one - can you identify it? Winners are the first correct, and most creative responses. Bonus points if you can tell me how long it is. See you at the deep end. Good luck!

race around the world leg 6: completed

Monsieur Le Monty has won leg 6 of Superchilled Race Around the World, correctly naming Bucharest, Romania as the location of the House of the People, pictured earlier: location 6, and above. Thanks for the detailed history, Monty. Craig is runner up, for reasons that will become obvious when you read his entry.

The next leg of superchilled race around the world kicks off shortly. Be ready.

New to superchilled and the race? Click on the 'race around the world' link below for the background. Photos I've taken from various locations on the planet will be posted - and your task is to correctly identify where they are - or to make some elaborate / entertaining guess. Everyone can and should enter - life is too short to sit on the sidelines.

macchiato time

I'm not a coffee drinker, but realise most of the rest of the world is, and on a Monday morning after a great weekend - it's time for that macchiato, espresso/short black, long black, latte, soy latte, cappucino, flat white or some kind of permutation or combination of the above, to kick start your day.

The week is underway - enjoy!

Sunday afternoon @ BSB

A Sunday gathering? A collision of worlds? A religious event? Hot chocolate / coffee with pastries and milks crates? All of the above?
Who of these three will be the next celebrity?
Were we at bloggerheads?
It's all open to speculation, but we did postulate a few more theories, watch a few buffed & semi naked runners go by twice (decidedly conspicuous in the coolness of the afternoon) and generally conversed the afternoon away. Again no chocolate tarts left today - but that won't stop us coming back.
Thanks men.
Same time next week?

Weather Phenomenon in Coalcliff

In the early afternoon here in Coalcliff on Sunday, a storm rolled in and, lo and behold, a twisting funnel of water and wind developed on the ocean right before us. I raced for the camera (who needs to batten the hatches?! - we don't have any) and shot off a few frames before it disappeared a few minutes later. Spectacular.

No dolphins that we know of were harmed in the making of this event, (if one lands on your back yard shortly, we may need to revise that).

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Sunday Drive Anyone?

When I have my own fashion label, I'm going to want a series photos like this Aussiebum one to promote it. In the meantime - coming for a drive? There might just be someone out there who needs assistance...

Saturday, 21 April 2007

superchilled race around the world - Location 6

In leg 5 of Superchilled Race around the World you were given a photo of an underground railway map and asked to identify the city it represented. Peter Von Amsterdam was lightning quick off the mark to identify it correctly as London and gave us some historical background to the map, taking out the prize for first correct entry, while Geoff d'Vancouver took out the most creative prize identifying the remarkable similarity with the love life of Craig (from The Patient Man: Blog) . Well done guys!!

As Superchilled Race Around the World continues, we find ourselves in Location 6, above. Again, the first correct person to identify where the photograph is taken and the most creative correct or incorrect answer get the awards. Bonus points this time to some historical background of the building in question.

You can see the larger version by clicking on the image - which might give some clues. Good luck!

You know you're gay when... (part 2)

You watch an ad like this as a kid and when your brother comments on how cute the girl is - you say 'Yeah, isn't she!?' but can't actually remember if there was a girl in the ad in the first place...

He'd make me religious...

You know you're gay when...

All the other guys are talking about the female leads in the movies, but you only recall going weak at the knees about the blokes...

I recall as a young teenager going to see Coolangatta Gold (in the cinema at Coolangatta no less) and The Man from Snowy River, quite specifically (both Australian movies). I remember being totally captivated by them. I wanted to be (or be with) Joss McWilliam - the cute brother in The Coolangatta Gold. The scene in the queenslander house in the banana plantation with the rain on the tin roof and semi clad athletes, is etched into my memory. As is the scene in Snowy River where Tom Burlinson is on top of the hill with the horse (also in the rain) and has these amazing quivering lips. (Sigrid Thornton may well have been there too, but you'll have to ask my brother.)
Does anyone else have any particularly memorable childhood 'telling moments' in film?

Friday, 20 April 2007

Fridays are for...

  • Being nice to strangers on your way to work.
  • Looking at the workload you have upon arrival and realising that you could be in a queue at social security.
  • Really REALLY enjoying that coffee break mid morning, and thinking about your weekend plans while you're on it or making them if you haven't got some already because they'll be needed later. Ideally make sure the plans start as soon as work finishes.
  • Working exceptionally hard in the remainder of the morning, so you feel better about being slack later.
  • Organising meetings and appointments and all kinds of work for NEXT week, because at least it looks like you're doing work - even if you're not quite.
  • When it all just seems too much, you have your weekend plans from earlier to look forward to - savour them, think about how soon they will become reality and how good you will be feeling THEN.
  • Kissing your assistant/ cleaner / someone who works for you in some way on the cheek (elsewhere if you feel like you need a new job, and not in a hurry) to thank them for putting up with you all week, or just because they're cute - if you're lucky.
  • Buying dinner to eat in or take away - kitchens are NOT friday utensils.
  • Loads of sex. You don't have to get up early - you might as well have something to savour or re-try while you're lazing under the sheets well into Saturday morning...

Thursday, 19 April 2007

The Race: Leg 5 is almost run...

We're almost at the end of Leg 5 of the race... Leg 6 is about to get under way (and may well be a challenge). Can you create a better entry and beat Jeff d'Vancouver to the most creative entry before this leg is run? See below for details.

Pet Shop Boys - Liberation

an oldie but perennial favourite
if you haven't seen it in IMAX 3D you haven't lived

New things come in THREE

The Frenchman starts a new job with '3' the telecommunications people next week. He's been home for a while now on an extended break, but with the summer gone and the bank balance dwindling it was time to get back into the workforce. He's very keen to get into it, and I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with him waking ahead of me while I stay in the warm bed and he commutes the long distance to his new workplace... It has been nice to have him here at home when I get home in the evenings, and on my half days off during the week. He is going to be home later now, and I guess I'll resume chief cheffing and shopping duties again too. We have already booked someone to start as our cleaner, a luxury that we have been contemplating for some years now. But in this time our perspectives on things have changed and our free time has become more valuable. Our goals are more flexible now, and our skepticism of the corporate world has increased. (see this earlier post) Who knows what the future will bring, but I think we have built in little more resilience and more openness to significant change.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

superchilled race around the world - Location 5

Can you correctly or creatively identify the city that is illustrated in this map?
No? be inventive.
Yes? be the first and win!
(click the map for the larger version)

Wild Wednesday

There has been much discussion about relationships in recent days and weeks. Difficulty finding them, trouble maintaining them, questions about are they really needed anyway, delight in finding 'the one', finding out 'the one' is in fact 'the wrong one', and not infrequently joy in the long term ones...

Obviously a lot of pressure and expectation is placed on relationships. Although we are mostly brought up with the expectation that we'll find the perfect partner, buy the perfect house and live in a perfect world, the reality is that we are more likely to find someone who is as imperfect as ourselves and we're going to have to live with their foibles as much as they're going to have to live with ours. We're not going to change them significantly, and we shouldn't expect them to change for us, or base our expectations on their changing.

When people are looking for partners, there are often shopping lists and boxes to be ticked, must be blonde/brunette/ short/tall/lean/cut/look gay/look straight/have car/own house/no children.... and often fantastic people are left behind in the wake because of something that may have become insignificant in time

More importantly, I see so many issues arising because people are not opening themselves up. They hide what they really think and feel, and create facades and pretend versions of themselves that they think other people want to see. Or that might protect them from grief. And so they miss the opportunity to connect. Relationships shrivel up when people stop talking about the things that are important, and new ones don't start because hearts are closed, and minds are wary.

We need to create environments in which the people around us can feel comfortable to talk about anything without fear of abrupt reprisal. If we don't like what someone is saying to us - ask ourselves why we are reacting that way - if you feel offended - clarify what they're saying and what they mean. In most cases I find people are misunderstanding the intended communication. Arguments can be constructive - nut out the issues - the real issues - often the things we see as problems are just symptoms of deeper issues. Figure what those are - and you're half way to solving the problem. And work on them - they can make relationships stronger and intensely powerful.

Today I'm proposing Wild Wednesday - a day to say the things that you are normally too afraid to say, and a day to listen to those around you without reservation or pre-conception.

Talk a little.

Listen some more.

Location 4 winners

Location 4 of the race has been an adventure.
Craig describes it as representative of his love life, Jeff describes it as " a ship approved by the Howard government as a seaworthy vessel that has been specially commissioned for transporting refugee claimants back to their countries or origin." (and wins the most creative prize - given it is an election year, and Mr Howard just has to go.) But the overall winner is Andrew who correctly identified it as the Maheno shipwrecked on Fraser Island, Australia, (just before a dingo stole his baby).
Congrats boys.

Stay tuned for Location 5 of superchilled race around the world....

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

the end of summer as we know it

There's a chill to the air, the sun is disappearing early, the last glimpses of summer seem to be fading before my eyes. I really enjoyed it - I want it back! Sure it IS April and all, but where is this global warming we've all been promised?
I always think that the winter months are good for being more productive - creative wise - but I'm not sure how true that is. I find the warmth and beauty of summer inspires me... and in winter - work is BUSY AS HELL, damned sick people!! So I guess i'm more drained by the time I get home... But I guess our climate isn't too bad here - and these pictures were taken today, and I am still in singlet and shorts... so it can't be all bad...
But I STILL want my summer back!!

24 - it's just not enough

NZ Sunset

I was thrilled to hear that Daylight Savings is going to be extended to start in early October and end in early April. I'm not exactly sure when this will apply... But when are they going to put an extra few hours into the day? 24 hours is just not enough, and if I am to get the extra few hours sleep that I'd like - I need those hours. 26 would be good, 28 just heavenly. Can someone please start lobbying the federal politicians so we can make it an election issue?

Monday, 16 April 2007


Here's an experimental photo from NZ - Dawson falls on Mt Taranaki (the volcano on the west of the North Island).
It continues my water theme.
Hope you're all having a great start to the week.
My weekend was superb, makes getting back to work harder...

Sunday, 15 April 2007

superchilled race around the world - Location 4

Superchilled race around the world continues...
Can you tell me what this is and where it is taken?
First correct answer wins, a prize also for the most creative entry - correct or otherwise.

Bourke St Bakery Afternoons

If you live in Sydney you may have been here - the food is great (they do more than just bread) and the chocolate tarts are to die for. There's a small group of 4 of us who make a pilgrimage there from time to time of a weekend afternoon in the cooler parts of the year to sit outside on milk crates in the sun as it slowly descends, with the meanderings of the locals about us as we consume our hot chocolate & chocolate tarts and chat about life the world and everything. It's like we're transported to a different world, in which only we exist. Heavenly.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Saturday is for doing things...

chauffeur courtesy gaytrix

Like shopping for things you might not really need,
And shopping for things that you actually do.
Catching up with friends,
Being entertained with film, theatre or funny stories
Watching your chauffeur (above) in the lazy mid afternoon
Eating out at places new,
Hitting the beach and checking the view
Washing the car
Washing the dog!
Reading the paper
or doing something that's really nothing at all.

What's your Saturday thing?

SMILE, It's the Weekend!

I've had just 2 days of work this week - but I am very ready for the weekend!
This cute man is a welcome addition to anyone's weekend.
Smile - he may just turn up in yours!

Mud Explosions

A bubbling mud pool south of Rotorua, NZ

I'm not sure why, but I LOVE the mud pool where I took this photo. (Have a look at this one in enlarged form by clicking the image). There's the unpredictability of it all - the noise and wonder, the smells, and the splattered mud all around. Maybe I'm primitive at heart, I guess we all are one way or another. Perhaps its the chance to get the 'perfect photo' where the mud is exploding into the air... still smooth where it hasn't yet lost its bubble shape. Regardless, we almost missed the spot - had been there before - but found it again on our trek through Rotorua (in fact way south of Rotorua not just the 2km or so I remembered...) I'm glad we did.

White Island, NZ

White Island Volcano, off the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island

A perfect day gave us distant, yet still impressive views of this volcano off the coast. New Zealand is filled with volcanic and earthquake activity, which gives it an extra element of adventure... If only we could really travel as fast as we can with google earth... I'd be somewhere new every day, and tomorrow I think I'd chose to be chilling out on big day bed overlooking a crystal clear 100m long pool/lagoon in a remote pacific island destination... anyone joining me? I just need the gps coordinates and an enhanced google earth...

Thursday, 12 April 2007

superchilled race around the world - Location 3

Here is the latest photograph from the superchilled race around the world series... can you tell me where it is taken?

Remember first correct and most creative incorrect responses are the winners...

Location 2 - Revealed

Location 2 in the superchilled race around the world series proved too difficult for even an international crowd. Peter of Amsterdam was closest to the mark with Costa del Sol, but does not win the prize, runner up though for his noticing the shrivelled up older couple's need for a high SPF sunscreen. (Did you notice the makeup?)
The correct location of the photograph was in fact Benidorm, Spain. Click here for the specific location with Google maps.
Location 3 will be posted around midday Thursday, Sydney time. So be ready. It will be much easier this time...

Don't know the race details? Click here.

Stories from NZ

Camping near East Cape - NZ

I'm not quite sure there's a category for the kind of travelling we do, but it frequently consists of a mix of all worlds. Flashpacker is possible category, but I'm not sure we quite fit that either. And so on this short New Zealand trip we mixed hotels, backpackers and camping in remote locations. We typically have a car which carts us around in varying levels of comfort, and this time it was a Toyota Camry (but Avis gave us the now superseded model damn it!). It took us far and wide - with no day spent idle. Hiking, swimming, dining out (or via supermarkets), exploring and running from scary locals all regular features, often all in one day, through our travels. The final destination for the day is flexible - and accommodation arranged in transit, sometimes using sometimes with a 'that looks alright' for the night. Bryce managed to collect an entire forest by the time we returned to Wellington, and I managed to photograph the hell out of Sylvain & Bryce, both reluctant subjects, amongst others.
More stories / photos will undoubtedly follow soon.

Flight Plan

Staring at me all the way back from New Zealand was this emergency opening graphic... The staff even go to the point of telling you how to open the damn door... Half way through the flight I find myself thinking, 'hmmm I wonder what would happen if I followed these instructions...' So this is me staring out the window at a rather spectacular afternoon, calculating how easy it would be to throw out the 15kg door (yes they label the weight and all) whether I would be sucked out regardless of my seat belt firmly fastened.. then if someone else happened to be unfastened, could I in fact stop them from flying out when de-pressurisation ensued... it goes on. But it made me think - how often do we think of the things we could possibly be doing badly? But not actually do them.

On the positive side - it meant I was sitting in a seat with extra leg room - and in economy class on any plane - that's a very good thing. (especially if you have legs as long as mine)

Oh, yes. We're home!
Lots to post. Keep tuned.

Monday, 9 April 2007

NZ North Island - East to West Coast

It's Monday. We're in not old, not middle aged, but New Plymouth, having driven from the east to the west coast of New Zealand today, and explored quite a bit. The most adrenaline pumping part was driving to the end of a dirt road in a kind of wilderness area, the narrow and steep cliffs besides us weren't the adrenaline pumping part - it was the guy at the end who seemed to be pissed off that we had driven into his property. We had turned around realising it wasn't where we wanted to be... he came up to us yelling and screaming and even through a rock at us (hitting the car) as we left... scary stuff - and we still don't know quite what it was that we did wrong... were going to report him to police - but well, holidays are too short and we decided to move on - something it seems he won't be doing for a while. The scenery has been spectacular the weather amazingly warm and sunny. Last night we were camping - tonight it's a backpacker (I'm under the steps in the internet box!). So it has been quite varied. Tomorrow we'll explore Mt Egmont (volcanic mountain) and head back towards Wellington... see how it goes. Everyone keeps apologising for the rooms with only a double/queen and single etc... ie not 3 separate beds... poor us - how will we cope?

pictures from this Easter...

Watch this space....

superchilled race around the world Location 2 Clue 2

OK it does seem competition is a bit hard for this one. The pic below shows the beach in a European country... it IS Spain, but it is mainland Spain.... do we have any takers? (see below for details) (my time is running out here and Bryce needs the pc)

Sunday, 8 April 2007

So this is Gisborne?

Here we are in sunny downtown Gisborne. Where's that? It's on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand (about as far east as you can go I think). It is indeed a sunny day here - which is a little of a surprise from the land of the long white cloud... but I'm enjoying being back in shorts. The first night we spent in a tent (no room in the inn) and started off well - but we all managed to have terrible sleep, cold and not so comfy, so booked into a hotel here last night with a HUGE, palatial almost, 4 room suite (usurping someone who hadn't turned up in time) the town is booked out it seems. So last night we got some good sleep. Managed to swim last night as well and then this morning as well. So the holiday is going according to plan. Next stop - well who knows.. but we'll keep on moving and exploring... and seeing what happens.
Happy Easter!!

Location 2 - CLUE

So far Location 2 of superchilled race around the world seems to have been a challenge. So it's time for a clue. It's taken on that continent we call Europe. That's all I'll reveal for now - apart from the fact that it's a popular destination for British tourists...

Friday, 6 April 2007

superchilled race around the world - Location 2

The superchilled race around the world continues...
Where is THIS photo taken?

Peter von Amsterdam won Location number one, The Railway (underground-ish) station at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, with Geoff d'Vancouver a close runner up with everything but a piece of the building in his competition entry. I was impressed! Round 2 may be a bit more challenging, and distracting. The photo is one of a series...
But can you name the location?
Again first prize to the one who gets it right first, runner up to the most creative entry.
Competition details & Location 1 can be found here.
It's time to search the planet!

New Zealand bound

We're off to the windy city of Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand for a 6 day Easter escape. Our good friend Bryce has been studying there since January and we promised to visit, so this is it. We have a hire car booked, a map, our camping gear packed (although we'll probably mix it up with solid walled accommodation from time to time) and not a lot in the way of plans. Everyone has been cringing when I say Wellington - but I really liked it on a fleeting visit some years ago and in the end we'll be touring the southern part of the north island much of the time anyway, to fill in gaps from that 4 day north island blitz all those years back.

Posts here will be thin on the ground I expect, but superchilled race around the world will continue. Be prepared. Location 2 will be posted within the hour!

Here's a stolen moment from a serene Bryce.
Happy Easter!!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

The Race Heats Up

The superchilled race around the world is heating up. We have a winner - the runner up yet to be finalised - but the quality of the entries has been high. Peter of Amsterdam pipped Geoff at the post with the correct answer (see it in the comments), Geoff fought back with GPS coordinates, postal address, map link and official opening details, after a technically incorrect first entry. That said, he is at this point, the leader in the runners up category, but can you find a more creative and entertaining incorrect or late answer?
See the photo of the location below. A new location will be posted early Friday morning Sydney time (think 1am-ish) for Round 2 of superchilled race around the world.

superchilled race around the world

A brand new worldwide competition STARTS NOW.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Sex is best when it's one on.....?

If we listen to the George Michael from the "I want your Sex" days then sex is best when it's one on one. But is it? Or is it best when it's one on two or three or four, or more? When less is more - is more morer?

I spoke with a former monk, "Scott," today. After leaving the monastic life Scott did a 180 and sex became a major part of his life. He had sex with multiple partners, and he very much enjoyed it. But ultimately he found it was too unbalanced for him. He’d left one extreme for another. Now he's embarking on a more settled life with just one partner, and he seems very happy with his choice.

As gay men we have the possibility of a whole other world than the yellow brick road that society expects of our heterosexual counterparts. If you're outside the norm on being gay - well, you might as well make up your own rules on everything else too?

While it's not always the case we have generally less entanglements with the whole sex thing. One or two or three partners in sex are often discussed and many of you will know of relationships where there are three partners living together. I personally know of 2 (although they're not close friends of mine), and while it's not for me, at least not right now- it does seem to work for them.

But bring up the topic and there will be a wide variety of reactions. Some people will claim the more the merrier, others find the whole idea abominable, some are curious but not quite sure how to go about doing it. Are you thinking less or more? Or are you still unsure?